11" x 71" Standard FeelsWarm Stick-On Heater
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ou will only feel warmth where the mat is placed so it is important to adhere the mat as close to the front edge as possible.

  • Ultra-thin stick-on heater (under .15" thick) with a DIY installation.
  • Safe for any type of stone.
  • Plugs into a standard outlet inside your cabinetry.
  • Ideal for overhangs, kitchen countertops, vanities, basement bars or reception desks.
  • Can be left on 24/7, costing you pennies per day.
  • Connection cable exits the heater 24” from the right.

If your counter has a unique shape, support beams, or is larger than the 4 standard options available, please visit the FeelsWarm website to customize a heater to match your exact surface.

Available in either BLACK or WHITE. A thermal controller can be purchased as an optional add-on item.


*The Surface Prep Kit is needed if the underside of your stone is not smooth granite. (Any quartz, marble, wood, rough granite and other surfaces where pressure sensitive tape does not bond well).

For shipments outside of the U.S., please call 952-898-9505.

Standard heaters may only be returned if in original packaging. (See warranty & return information here)

11" x 71" Standard FeelsWarm Stick-On Heater

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